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K-economy and is fast becoming a new IT nation in this new millennium era. At Kolej Bandar, we fully support this move and have specially designed computer courses to provide you with the relevant IT knowledge, which is essential in the commercial world.

Nowadays , IT knowledge is important for everyone especially those working in a competitive commercial environment. This includes school leavers and graduates in any fields that must be consistently kept up-to-date with the knowledge of IT in order to gain employment advantage.

Student who are currently attending the LCCI Diploma in Accounting course and other business, accountancy and management courses should be equipped with IT knowledge so as to be better prepared for job applications as most employers nowadays will only recruit people with sound knowledge of IT.

Student who possess LCCI Diploma in Accounting qualifications combined with strong IT knowledge will definitely be an asset to most organisations.

  • Microsoft Windows (Discontinued)
  • Microsoft Office (Discontinued)
  • UBS Computerised System
  • MYOB Computerised System (Discontinued)
1) Microsoft Windows: Duration: 2 months (8 x 2 hours)

As a student seeking jobs in the commercial world, you should have a sound knowledge of the usage of a computer so as to enhance your job application. In this course, you will be taught the basics of computing together with the popular “Windows System” and its essential tools to enable you to be operate the computer efficiently in a business organisation.

New computer users are encouraged to enroll for this course which will equip the student with a strong foundation in basic computing skills in order to familiarise themselves on computer usage and processes. This will enable students to utilise the computer for their work & studies with competence & confidence.

Course Structure :

  • Computer Components and Operations
  • Mastering the Keyboard
  • Microsoft Disk Operating System
  • Microsoft Windows & Accessories

2) Microsoft Office : Duration: 4 months (16 x 2 hours)

This course covering a more advanced area of computing will definitely benefit students who seek to acquire knowledge in utilising the computer in the daily office work. This will not only improve the student's work efficiency but also allow the student to have an option to gain an internationally recognized award from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI).

Students who seek to gain the award from LCCI will have to further attend the LCCI Certificate in IT Exam Revision classes and register for a LCCI practical hands-on external assessment. Gaining an internationally recognised LCCI (Level 3) award with a well-established examination standard will help the student to have a better employment opportunity.

Course Structure :

  • Microsoft Word – Word Processing
  • Microsoft Excel – Spreadsheet Application
  • Microsoft PowerPoint – Graphical Presentation
  • Microsoft Access – Database Management

3) UBS Computerised System : Duration: 5 months (20 x 2 hours)

UBS is a popular computerised system currently used by over 50,000 users all over Malaysia for their office administration & accounting work. This course is specially designed to help you start working in a modern computerised office environment in line with the government's move towards an IT nation.

The following local universities & colleges currently conducting this course are: University Malaya, University Putra Malaysia, University Kebangsaan Malaysia, University Utara Malaysia, TAR College.

The course comprises of 3 parts:

(a) UBS Computerised Accounting System

This system facilities the maintenance of a full set of accounts and real time financial reporting for small & medium enterprises. This system help perform all tedious financial records keeping and reporting needs that are normally found in manual accounting operation. A person who has basic accounting knowledge but with minimum knowledge of computer will be able to learn up the 3 modules of the system [(General Ledger (GL)], Debtors Ledger (AR) & Creditor Ledger (AP)] and hence prepare the person for accounting work.

(b) UBS Computerised Stock Control System

This system can be integrated with the UBS Accounting System enabling the user to have better management of the company's stock records and production of reports.

(c) UBS Computerised Payroll System

This system is used in many Malaysian companies, partnerships and factories to maintain personnel records, process payroll and generate statutory, management & operational reports.

Course Structure:

(a) UBS Computerised Accounting System

  • Create GL, Debtors & Creditors Accounts
  • Accounting Transactions
  • Financial Reports
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Department Account
  • Manufacturing Account
  • Handling Business Documents
  • Periodic Processing of Accounts
  • Housekeeping

(b) UBS Computerised Stock Control System

  • Create Debtors & Creditors Files
  • Stock Code Management
  • Processing Business Documents
  • Stock Reports
  • Housekeeping

(c) UBS Computerised Payroll System

  • Maintenance of Personnel Files
  • Processing Payroll
  • Payroll Reports
  • Housekeeping

4) MYOB Computerised System : (MYOB + LCCI = Diploma)

MYOB is a leading provider of business management software for small and medium sized enterprises around the world with more than 400,000 users including countries like Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore, United Kingdom and United States. MYOB develops and publishes award winning accounting software solutions that have revolutionized the way growing businesses view accounting & business management software and has received a number of industry awards and recognition worldwide including top honours from leading computer publications around the world.

The MYOB Computerised Accounting introduced as an additional subject to the United Kingdom-based LCCIEB accounting certification programme will be practical skills-based course which will complement the teaching of accounting concepts in LCCIEB Business and Finance subjects. Current LCCIEB certificate holders can choose to combine other subjects with Computerised Accounting for a diploma or take it separate certification.

The MYOB Computerised Accounting will give the students the opportunity to demonstrate hands-on practical computerised accounting skills to meet the needs of a growing job market and aims to equip students with the required skills when they first start working. Students will be assessed through assignments rather than the usual mode of written examinations. The assignments will be set in line with current market practice and will allow students to apply and practice skills needed in the real business environment.

LCCIEB-MYOB Computerised Accounting will be a global LCCI qualification and will be introduced to 24 other countries in the Asia region including Singapore, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Philippines.

Why Kolej Bandar

We provide you with the excellent education and training:- In today's competitive global marketplace, to be successful, it is essential to have necessary professional skills as well as thorough knowledge of computer operations. At Kolej Bandar we design the computer courses to meet this demand. Here are the 4 main basic areas in computer for you to explore:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • Microsoft Office
  • UBS Computerised System
  • MYOB Computerised System